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DIY Display Stands

If you’ve been connected with me for a while, you may know I’m slightly obsessed with keeping the air inside my home as clean as possible. My favorite tools for making this happen are: Houseplants Himalayan Salt Lamps Essential Oils Flameless Candles (to avoid toxic emissions from burning candles) In addition to using these tools …

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How to Make Your Home Smell Naturally Fabulous With Essential Oils

Did you know commercial air fresheners and room deodorizers are not regulated by any governing body, including the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)? That means the companies that make these products are self-regulated and can put whatever they want into their scented concoctions. The result? Most commercial air fresheners are loaded with toxic chemicals that …

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How To Make Quinoa Milk…Packed With Protein & Allergen-Free!

If you don’t consume dairy foods, are looking to reduce your dairy intake or are lactose intolerant like me, you’ve probably already explored the world of dairy-free milks. The most common healthy alternatives are almond milk, coconut milk and hemp milk. Unfortunately, when they are commercially produced, these milks include health-sabotaging ingredients like syrups for sweetening and carrageenan …

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