Category: Nutrition

Why Eating Organic Food Matters

It’s no secret I’m passionate about eating organic food, and I think it’s important to fully understand why…which is why I’m sharing this detailed blog. I realize budget and access make eating organic an issue for some people, and we’ll get into solutions for that later. For now, let’s dig into the details on why …

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EWG’s Shopper’s Guide To Pesticides In Produce

Each year, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) conducts an analysis of the chemical pesticide load found in common fruits and vegetables that are grown conventionally. By “grown conventionally,” I mean the produce was grown with the use of harmful chemicals like glyphosate. Produce that’s grown organically, on the other hand, is grown without the use …

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7 Reasons You Need Beets In Your Diet Today!

In my experience, beets are one of those foods people either love or detest. If you’re someone who gags at the thought of eating beets, I’m so happy you’re reading this post! Not only will you learn about the AMAZING health benefits that beets provide, I’ll also hook you up with a really delicious way …

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