3 Easy “Throw Together” Meals That Make Healthy Eating a Snap!

If you follow me on social media, you know I’m a big fan of “throw together” meals that don’t require a lot of preparation.

I believe this is one of the keys to helping people adopt and maintain a clean-eating lifestyle. Why?

Because when people think healthy eating requires complicated recipes and tons of time in the kitchen (which it doesn’t), they are far less likely to stick with it or even attempt it in the first place.

So let’s keep it simple and just throw some good stuff on your plate!


Before we dive into the throw together meal ideas below, I want to stress the importance of balance.

By that, I mean it’s a must to have a healthy balance of clean macronutrients (carbohydrates, fat and protein) in your diet. Your body requires all of them to function most effectively.

Sadly, the “diet” industry is constantly trying to demonize one group of macronutrients in the interest of making money. And they’re really good at doing it.

Not too long ago, fat was deemed the dietary devil which resulted in the explosion of “fat free” and “low fat” processed food products that were far from healthful.

Then, protein became king and the “Paleo” movement began.  The result? You guessed it… “paleo approved” products started popping up everywhere.

Now, the high fat diet known as “keto” is being touted as the answer to all weight loss woes. Keto pushers make ridiculous claims like you can eat all the bacon, butter and steak you want as long as you avoid carbs.

Trust this nutritionist when I tell you that a high fat/low carb approach to eating is not the most healthful approach, unless you’re dealing with an acute health issue.

It’ll be interesting to see what the diet industry comes up with next.

To combat all the nonsense that’s pedaled by the diet industry to make loads of money, I love helping you easily follow a clean and balanced way of eating. That’s why I share so many ideas on social media.

I also love sharing this amazingly effective tool that makes clean, balanced and portion-controlled eating a snap!

I call it a nutritionist in a box, because it provides the same specific and actionable guidance you’d get from paying big bucks to meet with a nutritionist one-on-one.

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Below are 3 simple, delicious, balanced and portion-controlled meals that I threw together in a matter of minutes.

Each meal has a solid balance of carbs, fat and protein and all the ingredients are clean and organic.

If you don’t like or eat the specific foods shown below, you can sub them with healthy counterparts. For example:

  • If you don’t eat eggs, you can substitute them with plant-based protein like beans or quinoa.
  • If you don’t care for spinach but love romaine lettuce, go ahead and make that swap!
  • If you don’t like salmon but you love grilled chicken breast, you can certainly make that switch for a protein source. Just make sure the meat is from pasture-raised chickens that were allowed to roam free and eat an organic diet.

Now let’s get into the easy meal ideas!

Meal #1: Veggies, Avocado, Eggs & Salsa

  • Spinach & Radishes = Carbs/Fiber
  • Avocado = Fat
  • Eggs = Protein
  • Salsa = Healthy Condiment

I also threw in some chopped garlic cloves, which are a natural antibiotic that helps cleanse the body.

Meal #2: Bean & Quinoa Pasta, Broccoli, Olive Oil & Marinara Sauce

  • Bean & Quinoa Pasta = Protein
  • Broccoli = Carbs/Fiber
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil = Fat
  • Marinara Sauce = Healthy Condiment

Meal #3: Spinach, Avocado, Salmon & Coconut Aminos

  • Spinach = Carbs/Fiber
  • Avocado = Fat
  • Wild-Caught Salmon = Protein
  • Coconut Aminos = Healthy Condiment

Coconut aminos taste like soy sauce but are actually healthful and only contain a couple natural ingredients.

I also threw in some chopped garlic cloves, which are a natural antibiotic that helps cleanse the body.

Cheers to enjoying healthy meals that are quick, simple and delicious!

With love and gratitude,


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