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How to Make Your Home Smell Naturally Fabulous With Essential Oils

Did you know commercial air fresheners and room deodorizers are not regulated by any governing body, including the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)? That means the companies that make these products are self-regulated and can put whatever they want into their scented concoctions. The result? Most commercial air fresheners are loaded with toxic chemicals that …

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Save Money, Reduce Waste & Ditch Toxic Plastic With These Reusable Food & Beverage Transportation Products

Every year when back-to-school time rolls around, I see people scrambling to buy their kiddos a new lunch box and water bottle for the school year and stock up on baggies. And during years of working in an office setting, I saw loads of co-workers burn through disposable water bottles and plastic bags like crazy…and microwave their meals in warped plastic …

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2-Ingredient Detox Facial Mask (100% Natural, Deep Cleans Pores & Makes Your Skin Glow!)

I cringe at the amount of money I used to spend on over-priced skincare products full of toxic ingredients that promised miracles and didn’t deliver. As I began to detox my beauty and personal care routine, I quickly learned that natural ingredients work better than anything…and they don’t compromise your health! One of my favorite discoveries is …

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