Save Money, Reduce Waste & Ditch Toxic Plastic With These Reusable Food & Beverage Transportation Products

Every year when back-to-school time rolls around, I see people scrambling to buy their kiddos a new lunch box and water bottle for the school year and stock up on baggies. And during years of working in an office setting, I saw loads of co-workers burn through disposable water bottles and plastic bags like crazy…and microwave their meals in warped plastic containers that quickly fell apart and leached chemicals into their food. It doesn’t have to be this way!

Let me help you save money, reduce waste and ditch toxic plastic with these long-lasting, eco-friendly products that you can use over and over for food and beverage transportation!


Lunch Box

Planet Box Plain

This stainless steel lunchbox by PlanetBox will give you YEARS of use! Heads up that it does come with a fairly large price tag, but it’s well worth the money and a very smart investment. Here’s why:

The PlanetBox is made out of safe, non-toxic recycled materials (no plastic/BPA whatsoever) that are very durable for standing up to daily wear-and-tear. The lunch box itself has 5 separate compartments, and two separate round containers with lids are included as well. It works great for serving kiddos a variety of their favorite foods, and it’s super useful for helping adults with portion control. Plus, the PlanetBox is extremely easy to clean and is dishwasher safe. 

Plant Box Full

Another bonus is that the PlanetBox includes a nice, durable carrying bag that’s available in multiple colors.

Plant Box Bag

It also comes with fun magnets that you can put in the bottom of the food compartments.

Plant Box Dino Magnets

To learn more about the PlanetBox or buy it on, just click here!

Lunch box chillers

If you or the kiddo who will be using this lunchbox are a stickler about keeping your food chilled, don’t forget to grab a pack of these convenient lunch box chillers to put in your PlanetBox bag.

Lunch Box Chillers

Individual Food Containers

If you need to microwave your packed food or prefer to pack various foods separately, then you’re probably more of a food container fan versus an all-in-one lunch box user. If that’s the case for you, forget plastic lunch containers that stain, smell, warp and can leach chemicals into your food! Grab an awesome set of glass snapware like this instead.

These non-toxic glass containers will last forever, they are super easy to clean and the glass does not stain or hold odors. This particular set comes with a steamer tray and 2 produce keeper trays to make enjoying meals when you’re away from home even more convenient and fresh. They also work great for storing food in the fridge. I use mine every single day!

Glass Snapware

Reusable Sandwich / Snack Bags

Yummy Pouch with Food

As someone who’s constantly packing food for the road, I got so tired of burning through plastic lunch bags like crazy! It seemed so wasteful (and not environmentally friendly) to constantly be buying bags just to throw them in the trash. I was thrilled when I found two great brands of reusable sandwich / snack bags! They come in multiple fun patterns, too. You can check them out below – just click on the links or images to learn more or buy them on

Yummi Pouch – set of 3 sandwich bags

Yummy Pouch Sandwich 3

Yummi Pouch – set of 3 snack bags

Yummy Pouch Snack 3

Itzy Ritzy – sold as singles

Itzy Ritzy snack bag


Hello, my name is Kandi and I’m a water addict. And I have an insane reusable water bottle collection to show for it (this is a constant struggle and source of complaining for my sig other when he’s cleaning and organizing our pantry). Hydration plays such an important role in your overall health and you should be consuming at least half of your body weight in ounces of water each day (example: 140 pounds / 2 = 70 ounces of water a day). It’s helpful to have a reusable water bottle with you as much as possible, so you can hit your daily water consumption target and stay adequately hydrated.

I totally understand the ease and convenience that comes with plastic water bottles, but I also know that even “BPA free” bottles can leach chemicals into your water. No thank you! That’s why I’ve gone strictly to non-toxic glass water bottles, and I encourage you to consider doing the same.

These glass water bottles with protective silicone sleeves and stainless steel lids by purifyou are awesome! They are available in 2 sizes: a 12-ounce size which is great for kids, and a 32-ounce size which is great for adults. And check this out…for every purifyou bottle that’s purchased, a portion of the profit is used to build water wells for impoverished communities in Africa. 

Purifyou glass water bottles


If you don’t like twist-off lids and must have a flip-top on your reusable water bottle, check out these nice glass water bottles with flip-top by Ello.

Bello Glass water bottle

I know, I know…some of you just can’t fathom the thought of carrying around a glass water bottle or sending one with your kiddos due to fear of breakage. I got your back! The next best health-friendly option is stainless steel. These double-walled and vacuum-insulated stainless steel bottles by Simple Modern are an excellent choice! They are available in multiple colors and will keep your hot drinks hot for up to 24 hours and your cold drinks cold for up to 12 hours.

Simple Modern Stainless Steel Bottles

Water Bottle, Fruit Infuser, Coffee Maker & Tea Tumbler all in one…say what?!

If you’re someone who struggles with water consumption because “plain water is just too boring,” or if you love the idea of having a water bottle and infuser for fruit, coffee and tea all in one, you must check out this gorgeous glass infuser bottle by Nala Sun. This bottle makes an excellent gift, so be sure to snag one for yourself and another to give as a fabulous gift. Just click here!

Nalu Sun Fruit Infuser Bottle

Cheers to saving money, reducing waste and ditching toxic plastic with these eco-friendly products for food and beverage transportation!

With love and gratitude,


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