Gifts That Promote Health, Well-Being & Positive Energy

Whether it’s for Christmas, a birthday or another special occasion when you need to give someone a personal gift, it can be challenging to figure out what to buy. The last thing you want to do is add to a stockpile of materialistic things they don’t need or may never use.

To avoid this, I recommend focusing on gift bundles that promote health, well-being and positive energy while also including the person’s specific interests.

Who wouldn’t be psyched to get a “fit gift” like that?!

Gift Wrapping


Before I get into my recommendations for fit gift bundles, let’s take a minute to talk about gift wrapping.

I’m not a fan of spending money on wrapping paper and disposable gift bags that end up in the trash can or recycling bin. (It feels so wasteful, doesn’t it?)

To avoid this, I like to present gifts in reusable bags that the recipient can use again and again for travel, groceries or just carrying items on the go with ease.

You can find loads of fun options HERE on amazon.




 Fit Gift Bundles

Below are some of my favorite fit gift bundles with links to products I recommend. The links go to where you can learn more about the products (including customer reviews) and buy them through amazon’s super convenient online shopping experience.

If you’re short on time, it’s SO much more convenient to shop online instead of hunting around a store and waiting in a checkout line or discovering that what you’re looking for is out of stock!

With amazon, you can even have the items delivered right to the recipient’s door with a personal note and gift receipt. SCORE!!!


Do you have a coffee lover on your gift list? Hook them up them with this gift of a french press (perfect for making just 1-2 cups of flavor-bursting java), organic coffee and a set of durable glass coffee mugs that will keep their coffee hotter for longer.

If the coffee lover on your list prefers the freshness of grinding their own coffee beans, throw in the awesome grinder below.  BONUS: It can also be used for grinding spices, nuts and grains!

NOTE: Conventionally-grown coffee (meaning coffee that is not grown organically) has one of the highest pesticide loads of all crops. I highly recommend only buying organic coffee to avoid these toxins. 

French Coffee Press


Organic Coffee 


Insulated Glass Coffee Mugs


Coffee Bean Grinder




Do you have someone on your gift list who enjoys natural wellness or has been interested in exploring the health benefits of essential oils? They’ll give you an A+ for this gift bundle!

It includes a top-rated essential oil diffuser, a variety pack of essential oils and an excellent book that’s a guide for using essential oils for health, personal care, aromatherapy, household cleaning and more.

NOTE: If you prefer buying essential oils directly from the supplier like I do, click here to access Plant Therapy’s website directly. They offer FREE shipping and returns on all orders!

Essential Oil Diffuser 


Organic Essential Oil Set (Eucalyptus, Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, Tea Tree & Sweet Orange)


Essential Oils Guide




Do you have a movie or TV lover on your gift list who loves to curl up on their couch for movie marathons or for binge-watching their favorite show? Hook them up with this fit gift bundle for enjoying movies at home!

It includes a comfy plush blanket, organic / non-GMO popcorn kernels, an air popper, movie theater popcorn tubs, avocado oil spray for “buttering” their popcorn in a healthy way and Himalayan pink salt for seasoning (much healthier than processed white table salt). YUM!

Plush Velvet Blanket – Solid Colors

Plush Blanket – Animal Prints


Organic, Non-GMO Popcorn Kernels

Popcorn Air Popper


Popcorn Tubs – Movie Theater Style

Avocado Oil Spray (also great for greasing pans for baking/cooking)


Himalayan Pink Salt




Rest and relaxation are extremely important for our health and well-being, and most of us could use more of it. This fit gift bundle of relaxation tools is sure to delight anyone with a hectic schedule or high-stress lifestyle!

It includes an acupressure massage mat, a soothing eye pillow filled with lavender and flax seeds, himalayan salt lamps for stress management and detoxification, and a sound machine with a variety of soothing sounds.

Acupressure Massage Mat 


Eye Pillow Filled with Lavender & Organic Flax Seeds


Himalayan Salt Lamp


Portable Relaxation Sound Spa – 6 Soothing Sounds




Do you have someone who loves to cook on your gift list? There are certain tools that are a must-have for a healthy kitchen. You can deliver many of them with this fit gift bundle!

It includes a cast iron skillet and scrub brush, veggie pasta maker /slicer and non-toxic glass bakeware.

Cast Iron Skillet


Cast Iron Skillet Scrub Brush


Veggie Pasta Maker & Slicer


Glass Bakeware for Toxin-Free Baking





Do you have someone on your gift list who loves exercise or is thinking about getting into fitness? Hook them up with this bundle of fitness basics!

It includes an activity tracker, bluetooth sports headphones, a cushion exercise mat, resistance bands and a non-toxic glass water bottle.

Also, be sure to copy and send them this link to check out an amazing online gym with hundreds of body-transforming workouts, a healthy cooking channel, a transformational 3-week yoga retreat and so much more!

Activity Tracker by Fitbit


Bluetooth Sports Headphones


Cushion Exercise Mat


Resistance Band Set with Ankle Straps

Glass Water Bottle


Don’t forget to copy and send this link for them to check out the health-transforming online gym I personally use, love and recommend to all my friends, family and clients! 



Who couldn’t use a little more inspiration and positive energy in their life? Wearing positive messages on your body is a great way to accomplish that.

You can make it happen for someone with this fit gift bundle of accessories with inspirational messages.

Infinity Circle Pendants

Inspirational Keychains


Stainless Steel Warrior Rings

Inspirational Necklaces



Do you have someone on your gift list who has started exploring yoga? Give them all the tools they need to become a true yogi with this fit gift bundle!

It includes an eco-friendly yoga mat, yoga towel, yoga blocks, straps and headbands.

Non-Toxic Yoga Mat (Multiple Colors)


Yoga Towel

Yoga Blocks


Yoga Straps


Yoga Headbands

Blom headband



Do you have a tea lover on your gift list? They will adore this fit gift bundle!

It includes a gorgeous glass tea pot with built-in infuser for loose leaf tea, delicious organic tea blends from the acclaimed Wild Tea line and a set of glass tea cups and saucers for a sophisticated tea drinking experience.

Tea Pot with Infuser for Loose Leaf Tea

Organic Loose Leaf Tea (multiple flavors available)

Glass Tea Cups with Saucers – Set of 2




It’s no secret that sitting at a desk for long periods of time is bad news…sitting is now known as the new smoking in terms of health risks! So why not give someone (or yourself) the gift of being able to stand while working? I own this standing desk package and it has seriously changed my life!

Varidesk Height-Adjustable Standing Desks


Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat


Cheers to giving fit gifts that promote health, well-being and positive energy!

With love and gratitude,


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