DIY Display Stands

If you’ve been connected with me for a while, you may know I’m slightly obsessed with keeping the air inside my home as clean as possible.

My favorite tools for making this happen are:

In addition to using these tools to purify the air, I strive to make them a beautiful part of my home decor. To do that, I like using display stands.

I used to go to the store or shop online to buy cake stands to do the job. But that got expensive very quickly.

Then it dawned on me…

“Put on your DIY hat and make some yourself, silly!”

So I started scavenging around my house for unused items that I could convert into unique and stylish display stands.

With a little bit of Gorilla Glue, I was able to make some serious magic happen!

Not only did it save me loads of money, my DIY creations are 100% unique and can’t be found in stores. This makes them a little extra cool in my book.


Once I started scrounging up items around my house that hadn’t been getting any use, making my display stands became a breeze.

Candleholder Base

I had two solid wood candleholders hanging out in my storage space that I hadn’t used in years. All I needed were some glass plates to turn them into stylish display stands.

I glued a clear glass plate onto a cylinder-shaped candleholder, which now displays one of the himalayan salt lamps in my home office:

I glued a square red plate onto a square-shaped candleholder, which now holds one of my essential oil diffusers. For the photo opp below, however, I used fruit to show how this stylish stand can be used to display food in the kitchen:

Cup / Glass Bases & Rock Accents

I took out several cups and glasses from my cupboards that weren’t getting used. Like the candleholders, all I needed were some glass plates to turn them into stylish display stands.

For a couple of the displays, I also threw in some rocks that I grabbed from the landscaping around my house to make them look a little more fun.

For the stand below, I filled a cup with rocks and glued a clear glass plate on top. It now holds one of my favorite plants:

For this stand, I used an old martini glass and small red plate. It now holds one of my flameless candles. I put a few rocks around the candle to jazz it up:

For the next stand, I simply used a clear glass cup and small glass plate. It now holds one of my aloe vera plants:

I hope these examples give you a little DIY inspiration. 

Cheers to recycling your unused household goods into fabulous display stands!

With love and gratitude,


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