Organization Hack: DIY Portable Filing Cabinet & Label Maker

Organization. I’m kind of obsessed with it. I get super geeked up about coming up with organization hacks, because they make life so much easier! When you’re organized, you saves tons of time and stress by knowing exactly where things are and allowing your day-to-day tasks to run like a well-oiled machine.

For me, one of the most frustrating things is not being able to find paperwork when I need it. An obvious way to prevent this is to get a nice filing system with a cabinet, file folders and label maker. The bummer about most filing systems (like filing cabinets) is that they’re big and heavy, so you can only access them in the fixed spot where they reside. They also tend to be quite expensive. Label makers aren’t cheap either.

The good news is you can easily make your own filing cabinet that’s super inexpensive and easy to transport wherever you need to access it. You can also whip up your own label-making system with two items you likely have lying around the house anyway. SCORE!



The core of your DIY filing cabinet is a dish rack / drainer with an attached cutlery cup like this. The slots in the dish rack make perfect holders for your files, and the cutlery cup provides a  place to hold pens, post-its, paper clips, etc.


Next, you’ll fill your DIY filing cabinet with the amount of folders you need to organize your paperwork. It’s fun being able to fill your cabinet with folders in your favorite color or pattern. (I love animal print and scored these beauties on



You need just two common household items to make labels for your folders: masking tape like this and a permanent markers like these. You can also use this hack for the other items in your life that need labels. For example, I love using this DIY system for labeling my reusable spice jars and organization cubicles in my closet, so I know exactly what’s inside!



There you have it…a super inexpensive filing cabinet with a pen / accessory holder that you can easily transport wherever you need it!


Cheers to enjoying this portable filing cabinet and labeling everything in your home with ease!

With love and gratitude,


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