10 Reasons Women Should Lift Weights

If I had a dollar for every time a woman told me she was afraid to lift weights because she would get bulky, I’d have A LOT of dollars!

Heck, I was one of those women for years. I have a stocky build and was terrified that lifting weights would make my body even thicker, so I focused solely on cardio.

Big mistake!

Women simply don’t have enough muscle-building hormones like testosterone to bulk up from lifting weights like men can. It’s a biological fact.

Truth is, women lose weight much more quickly from lifting weights and building strength in their bodies as a regular part of their fitness routine.


Because the more muscle you have, the more calories your body burns while at rest. I wish I would have understood that at the very beginning of my fitness journey when I had 100 pounds to lose!

Still not convinced? Here are 10 reasons you should reconsider.


1. Burn More Fat

Researchers at Tufts University found that when overweight women lifted heavy weights twice a week, they lost an average of 14.6 pounds of fat and gained 1.4 pounds of muscle.

The control group, women who dieted but didn’t lift weights, lost only 9.2 pounds of fat and gained no muscle.

This is because when you do an intense weight-training program, your metabolism stays elevated and you continue to burn fat for several hours afterward. During regular cardio exercise, you stop burning fat shortly after the workout.

2. Change Your Body Shape

You may think your genes determine how you look. That’s not necessarily true.

Not only can weight training slim you down, it can also create new lean curves and prevent the natural “spread” that occurs as we age.

3. Boost Your Metabolism

The less muscle you have, the slower your metabolism will be.

As women age, we lose muscle at increasing rates…especially after the age of 40. When women diet without doing strength training, up to 25% of the weight loss may be muscle loss.

Weight training while dieting can help you preserve and even rebuild muscle fibers. The more lean mass you have, the higher your metabolism will be and the more calories you’ll burn all day long.

4. Get Stronger and More Confident

Lifting weights increases functional fitness, which makes everyday tasks like carrying children, lifting grocery bags and picking up heavy suitcases much easier.

According to the Mayo Clinic, regular weight training can make you 50% stronger in just 6 months. Wow!

Being strong is empowering. Not only does it make your physical activities easier, it builds emotional strength by boosting self-esteem and confidence.

5. Build Strong Bones

It has been well documented that women need to do weight-bearing exercise to build and maintain bone mass. Just as muscles get stronger and bigger with use, so do bones when they’re made to bear weight.

Stronger bones and increased muscle mass also lead to better flexibility and balance, which is especially important for women as they age.

6. Improve Your Mood

You’ve probably heard that cardio and low-impact exercises such as yoga help improve mood. Weight lifting has the same effect…

The same “feel good” endorphins that are released during aerobic activities are also present during resistance training.

7. Improve Sports Performance

You don’t have to be an athlete to get the sports benefit of weight training. Improved muscle mass and strength will help you in all physical activities like biking with your family, swimming, golfing, skiing or whatever activity you enjoy.

8. Reduce Injuries 

Weight lifting improves joint stability and builds stronger ligaments and tendons. With proper form, strength training can help decrease the likelihood of injuries in your daily life.

It can also improve physical function in people with arthritis. A study conducted at the University of Wales in Bangor, United Kingdom found that mildly disabled participants who lifted weights for 12 weeks increased the frequency and intensity at which they could work with less pain and increased range of movement.

9. Strengthen Heart Health

Hundreds of thousands of women die from cardiovascular disease each year, making it the #1 killer of women over the age of 25.

Most people don’t realize that pumping iron can also keep your heart pumping more effectively. Lifting weights increases your “good” (HDL) cholesterol and decreases your “bad” (LDL) cholesterol. It also lowers your blood pressure.

The Journal of the American Medical Association reports that people who do 30 minutes of weight lifting each week have a 23% reduced risk of developing heart disease compared to those who don’t lift weights.

10. Maintain Healthy Blood Sugar Levels

In addition to keeping your ticker strong, weight training can improve the way your body processes sugar by as much as 23%.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 16 weeks of strength training can improve glucose (blood sugar) metabolism in a way that is comparable to taking medication. The more lean muscle mass you have, the more efficient your body is at removing glucose from the blood.


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Cheers to ladies who lift!

With love and gratitude,


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