Organization Hack: DIY Jewelry Display / Holder

Organization. I’m kind of obsessed with it and get super geeked up about finding organization hacks, because they make life so much easier! When you’re organized, you saves tons of time and stress by knowing exactly where things are and allowing your day-to-day tasks to run like a well-oiled machine.

A key daily task is getting dressed. That’s why I’m particularly diligent about keeping my clothes and fashion accessories super organized. Sometimes I’m looking for an organization piece that I just can’t find in stores or online. Other times I find exactly what I’m looking for, but the price tag is ridiculous. When that happens, I bust into DIY Ninja mode and find a way to make the piece myself.

Here’s an example of an organization piece I wanted and couldn’t find, which resulted in one of my favorite DIY projects to date. It’s a lightweight earring holder that displays all my earrings at a glance. It can sit on the floor or on a shelf/table, and it’s so simple to make!


Get a large sturdy sheet of foam that’s 2 inches thick like this.


Find your favorite decorative tape (you can find loads of options here or visit a local craft store).


Wrap the styrofoam sheet with the duct tape.


Place your earrings where you want them on your beautiful new display / holder! The earring posts will push into the styrofoam with ease. You can also hang other accessories like necklaces or hairbands using push pin hooks (you can find great options here).


Cheers to being fabulously organized and accessorizing with ease!

With love and gratitude,


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