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 You get 50+ exercises to help tighten, tone and strengthen all areas of your core: upper abs, lower abs, side abs (obliques) and the often-forgotten “back abs.”

 You can do these exercises anywhere with a flat surface and a little bit of space. No gym membership required!

 You get step-by-step images and instructions for each exercise, so you know exactly what to do.

 You don’t need any fancy equipment.

 You don’t have to count any reps! Instead, the exercises are timed for 30, 45 or 60 seconds.

 You won’t do a single basic crunch or sit-up…those exercises are not effective and can strain your neck and back!

 This challenge is appropriate for all fitness levels. It starts with beginner moves and gets gradually more challenging over the 21 days.

 It’s fun to do with family and friends! Just send this link to your peeps, so they can sign up to do the challenge with you.

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Then, for 21 days, you get a daily email with a link to 3 core-strengthening exercises with very detailed instructions. (There is ZERO guesswork like many other challenges out there!)

The 3 exercises assigned for each day make a circuit. You do each circuit 3 times for a total of 3 sets, with a short rest in between sets. (I explain exactly how this works with your daily instructions.) Circuit training gets your heart rate up while strengthening your muscles at the same time, which helps you burn more body fat. SCORE!

For your 3 daily exercises:  The first is done in a plank position. The second is done while standing. And the third is done on your back or booty. This means every area of your core gets worked each day for optimal results, and you don’t get bored from doing each exercise in the same position!

You need a timer to time your daily exercises. You can use your phone, a kitchen timer, a stopwatch or a good old fashioned clock.

A light weight is required for days 15 – 21 of the challenge. If you don’t have an actual dumbbell or weight plate, you can use a large bottle of water or anything else with some weight to it that’s easy to hold between your hands.

If you’re doing the exercises on a hard or slippery surface, you may want to use a yoga / exercise mat for cushion or to prevent slippage.

Enter your name and email address in the box above to get started today!


 Build core strength.

 Burn fat.

 Improve posture.

 Tighten and tone.

 Relieve back pain.

 Improve balance.

 Increase confidence by looking and feeling better.

 Enhance athletic / fitness performance.

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DISCLAIMER: You are doing these exercises at your own risk. Always consult with your personal care physician before doing this or any fitness program. I am not responsible for any issues or injuries you experience while doing this challenge. Click here to view my full Disclaimer & Disclosure statement.